Economics and Outcome Research

The implementation of any new health intervention, be it a novel medication, vaccine, screening program, public health policy or technology, must provide value to patients, payers, and providers. The concept of “value” is not simply qualitative; it must be rigorously and quantifiably measured and assessed.

This is the preeminent way to energize innovations that will have a large and lasting impact on patient care at acceptable costs. Recognizing this, demonstrating the “value for money” potential of health-related interventions is now a requirement by many decision-making authorities to approve their implementation.

The health outcomes and economics platform of the Legacy for Airways Health strives to evaluate the outcome of emerging interventions and policies that target airway diseases treatment and/or prevention.

Our aim is to guide both research and decision-making by generating evidence-informed, objective projections of the long-term outcomes of decisions that are made today.

Our platform leverages the data-rich environment of British Columbia and elsewhere in Canada, and uses state-of-the-art methodologies in predictive analytics and decision-analytics modeling to achieve this objective.