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Quality Forum 2021

Quality Forum 2021

Members of the Community Stakeholder Committee (CSC) and LAH staff created a video presentation for the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council (BCPSQC) annual Quality Forum (February 25-26). Quality Forum 2021 was entirely virtual this year, but BCPSQC continued to focus on improving quality across the continuum of care. CSC co-chair Winnie Lo initiated the idea to present and proposed a joint presentation about the experience of developing and maintaining the CSC from the early days of LAH, continuing to grow and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and learning from an evaluation of members’ experiences.

We adapted a panel discussion format to create a 10-minute video, available on demand to everyone registered for the conference. Winnie Lo and Dennis Josey from the CSC, Director of Operations Phalgun Joshi, and KT Specialist Karen Rideout discussed the origins and goals for the CSC as central to patient engagement at LAH, motivations and goals for CSC members, and adaptions and mutual support during the pandemic restrictions.

Our presentation video, Navigating relationship building and team work during the COVID-19 pandemic: an experience with the Legacy for Airway Health (LAH) Initiative from the patient partners’ perspective, is available on request.


For questions about this project, please contact Karen.rideout@VCH.ca.