History and Rationale
Legacy for Airway Health (LAH) is rooted in the philosophy that remediating the huge burden of asthma and COPD requires strategic research to understand and apply evidence-based tactics for the prevention and delivery of optimal care for those who suffer from these airway diseases. Accordingly, Prevention — forestalling disease onset and progression — as well as Care – relieving the suffering of those living with asthma and COPD across the continuum of care — are the two driving themes motivating the LAH strategic plan.
To ensure that we achieve the ambitious LAH goals related to prevention and improvement of care, we will lead and enhance capacity in research and implementation science tailored to accelerating improvements in practice, personalization, behaviour and policy change. These efforts will require scientific excellence, collaborations, strong partnerships, and resource stewardship. Accordingly, LAH will be uncompromising in its insistence on teamwork, transparency, and adherence to its mission. A key focus will be on hiring the right people and working with the key stakeholders around the LAH mission.