Director’s Message
As the Director of LAH, I want to thank you for your interest in our team, our projects, and our mission. Leadership within LAH is both invigorating and inspiring because our staff and associated faculty, in close collaboration with our broad and growing range of allied partners, share a common vision of minimizing the adverse impact of airways disease through prevention and care.
We do so by considering the perspective of affected patients and communities at risk in all that we do. Peering through the lens of those we care for ensures that our approach to research, and the expertise we align to bring our projects to life, is positioned for maximal impact. Doing so, throughout the research process, results in greater relevancy of research questions, more effective research design, and greater potential for adoption into practice and policy. In addition to those suffering from, or at risk for developing, COPD and asthma, our partners represent health authorities, government ministries and agencies, universities, research institutes, non-governmental agencies, professional associations, community groups and health care providers across BC. These extensive, diverse and interdisciplinary partnerships catalyze transparent and energized communication with relevant knowledge creators and users, increasing the likelihood that our research projects will meaningfully reduce the massive burden of airways disease.
Our initial successes and the excitement generated by our robust approach to research within an integrated knowledge translation framework are attracting established experts as well as next-generation scientists, in the academic community and beyond, to align with us. Together, we address asthma and COPD through research and partnerships emphasizing innovation across the knowledge translation continuum, linked to an inclusive and impact-oriented philosophy. Addressing both prevention and care of airways disease, this framework and our expanding network fuels progress to minimizing the harm and suffering associated with these conditions. I warmly encourage you to join the LAH community as well.